At Sinterex we use 3D printing technology to produce end use functional parts. When 3D printing technology is used for commercial production technologies it is called Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing has been identified as a ‘disruptive technology’ with some saying it has the power to transform the global economy. The reason Additive Manufacturing is disruptive is because the production process is so different from traditional production processes.

Traditionally, manufacturing of products and parts has focused on removing material to leave the desired shape. With 3D printing technology a completely opposite approach is used. Instead of removing material, we add material, layer by layer, until the finished part is created.


Using 3D Printing it is possible to decrease costs as the requirement for tooling is eradicated and as unused material can be recycled


Building a part layer by layer rather than removing material creates a range of new design possibilities and allows for complex curves and geometries


Because there is no tooling to be developed for production this means that it can be quicker to 3D print products

We currently deploy three types of
3D printing technology